Shae Bryant Wellness - Wellness as a Way of Life!
Shae Bryant 
Wellness Transformation Coach
Movement Therapist

(615) 450-1882

While I use many different modalities, there's only one intention . . helping clients experience incredible health, happiness, and joyful connection! 

I specialize in Transformation and Healing for people who are ready to end their struggle with imbalance and pain in their physical body and daily life!

Who are my clients?
People in pain, on any level, who want a new way of living - less suffering, much more joy.  Most are frustrated with trying many different methods that have left them feeling that their healing is incomplete.  
They know deep down that there's more to life than just surviving and managing pain.
I teach clients to thrive!
Together we will cultivate the skills to heal your physical body, calm your mind, manage your emotions and help infuse your day with your own inner spiritual guidance.

~I am a Mind, Body, and Spirit Wellness Coach~
I am here for You!  I am your guide, your mentor, your companion to assist you on your personal wellness journey to WHOLENESS, COMPLETE HEALTH, VITALITY, PEACE, LOVE, AND JOY!

Curious if we are a match?!?
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"Shae is the most knowledgeable health coach I have encountered in my many years of body work experience. Her understanding of anatomy is comparable to or exceeds many medical professionals. Shae is gentle and affirming and has a wisdom well beyond her years. 
I recommend her without reservation to anyone seeking to improve or enhance personal self-care."    
~Leslee D, PhD

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