Shae Bryant Wellness - Wellness as a Way of Life!
How to Start!
Curious about how this all works. . . 

If you're interested in:
 ~Transforming your Health from the Inside Out
 ~Living Limitless Joy and Peace and Connection
 ~Transforming your Relationship with Yourself, your Body, and with Others
 ~while Truly Enjoying the Wellness Journey . . . 

#1-Then Check out my 

I don't accept just anyone as a client as I don't want to waste any of our precious time.  We're wanting a win/win situation where both of us prosper from our work together!  Check out this simple alignment questionnaire to quickly determine our compatibility.  

#2 - If we seem aligned then we begin with a FREE phone chat:
(615) 450-1882

   Feel free to send me an email as well but we will need to 'meet' on the phone to proceed forward:

Me An Email:
First Name:
Last Name:
During our phone call I'll deeply listen to your goals / challenges / objectives and through our dialogue we will both know if working together is a good idea.  On the call I'll explain what options would best serve you and also guide you elsewhere if I believe we're not a match.  I'll also fully go over the offerings I have, their financial investment, as well as the exciting details of what our work together will entail.  The call will be both casual and purposeful!  

#3 - Whether In-Person or Over-the-Phone we Begin with a 
"C.O.R.E. Adjustment"
Single Session Jumpstarter
In our very first session together I will introduce you to a foundational wellness perspective that can transform your relationship with yourself right away!  We will gain clarity as to the reality of your current health and look at your journey from a wholistic perspective - taking into account your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  
This first session is definitely a Wellness Journey Jumpstarter and we take the time to go in depth with what you're experiencing.  
It's an "adjustment" back to your CORE alignment within yourself.  Orient, find your bearings, attune to the guidance within, and jumpstart that journey with immense inspiration and support!
This initial session includes access to online resources which you can access for FREE here:

#4 - Our Next Level of Transformation is a 1 Month
"C.O.R.E. Alignment Course"
After our initial Jumpstarter Session we commit to a month of going deeper with what we've uncovered so far.  This month is completely customized around your precise goals and needs and will give you a taste of just how profound our work together can be.  Imagine if in only 1 month you had already altered your behavior, perspective,  habitual responses, and general attitude towards yourself and life and were already experiencing greater joy than you knew before - that's what this month is all about!  

#5 - After Creating a Healthy Foundation We Dive Deep Into A Completely Customized 
4 Month "Semester of Study"
By this point in our journey together we are committed and focused and ready to create unbelievable results!  You have developed a foundation of health now that we can build upon without limits.  The amount of exploration, growth, expansion and undeniable transformation that occurs during these 'semesters' is impossible to describe.  Unlike any course you took in school this semester is 100% about you and your goals - it is customized and catered precisely around your individual journey with supportive coursework, books, online resources, and unlimited access to me and my support along the way.  This is the 'self-study' you've always been craving - this is where your thirst is finally quenched and the life you're wanting to experience becomes a reality!

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