Shae Bryant Wellness - Wellness as a Way of Life!

Shae Bryant is an enthusiastic Body, Mind, Spirit Wellness Coach who works with groups and private clients to achieve a Lifestyle of Wellness - integrating physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health into daily living.  
Her favorite healing modalities include Yoga, the Pilates Method, Therapeutic Massage, Meditation, Eating Whole Foods and Living Limitless Joy!

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Call or email today!  Together we will uncover your next step towards the life you desire and develop a plan of action to get you healthy, happy, and pain free!

(615) 450-1882

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I appreciate you and your honesty.  I respect your journey and honor your struggle.  Change isn't always easy and seeking assistance when we need it takes courage.  I applaud your efforts and would be honored to support you along the way to Living Limitless Joy!  
With immense love, shae

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