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Mystics in Business
Spiritual Sovereignty for Mystics in Business

Enrollment is HAPPENING NOW!
Doors open until March 28th, 2020

Journey with Shae through Powerful Private Coaching CallsGroup Online Live Classes, 
& Transformative Mastermind Triads 
over the course of 2020.

Receive the required Spiritual Support to 
Step Into and Step UP Your 
Sovereignty Levels in both Life and Business. 
With the Inspiration and Guidance you need you’ll take Empowered Action and 
Radically Up Level your 
Personal and Professional Reality . . . and Destiny!

+24 Private 60 Minute Calls with Shae
+12 Group 60 Minute Zoom Classes (Recorded)
+6 Private 90 Minute Triad Mastermind Calls

Also includes the twice a year 7 Week Online Course: 
The Sovereign Shift 
Spring:  APRIL 1st - MAY 15th
Fall:  OCTOBER 1st - NOVEMBER 15th

And the twice a year 7 Month Virtual Spiritual Pilgrimage: 
Pilgrim Within
Summer Start:  June 1st - December 31st
Winter Start:  December 1st - June 31st

This year long Journey of Transformation within Shae’s Sovereign Circle will provide the support and community you need to bring out the Destiny of Greatness that awaits you!  2020 is your year!

Sacred Self Investment
$6777 - The Full Sovereign 2020 Experience
                                          (12 Monthly Payments of $568)
$6222 - Coaching Only, NO Online Courses
                                         (12 Monthly Payments of $522)

6 Month Version INCLUDES:
+12 Private 60 Minute Calls with Shae
+6 Group 60 Minute Zoom Classes (Recorded)
+3 Private 90 Minute Triad Mastermind Calls
  PLUS . . . 
+1 Round of the 7 Week online course: The Sovereign Shift 
+1 Round of the 7 Month Virtual Pilgrimage: Pilgrim Within

$3555 - The Full 6 Month Experience
                                          (7 Monthly Payments of $511)
$3111 - Coaching Only, NO Online Courses
                                         (6 Monthly Payments of $522)

Experience PROFOUND 
Personal & Professional
Transformation, Clarity, & Empowerment

Call for more info or to enroll:

 Step strongly into 2020!!!
Your Year of Sovereignty
  in ALL areas of 
                                      Your Life!

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