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 Pilates Plus Movement Therapy
After 15 years full-time in the wellness business, teaching thousands of group classes and individually assisting hundreds of private clients worldwide, I have created my own unique approach to wellness.  I draw upon a wide variety of modalities that I have studied extensively in order to create a truly intelligent, inspiring, custom, wellness experience.

These unique programs use all of my expertise, experience, and intuition to assist you with a full body retraining program.  We move through your entire body finding areas of imbalance, weakness and tightness and then we reprogram your body and mind to move with grace, integration and consciousness.  It's in these sessions that the real MAGIC happens!  You will learn about your anatomy and feel amazed by your body's brilliance and AWEsome potential. 
 I approach exercise in a holistic manner and we will focus on creating balance in your body, mind, emotions, spirit and life!  

Programs Include:
Pilates Matwork
Pilates Apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, 
Ladder Barrel, Arc Barrel)
Yoga (from restorative to vigorous styles)
Self-Massage Techniques
Relaxation / Meditation
Customized Home Routines / Programs
Photos / Videos of Homework Programs
Wellness Lifestyle Coaching:
Nourishing Food Programs
Self-Care Routines
Overall Well-Being

I assist clients in creating a custom Wellness Tool-Box that consists of a personal program of homework stretches and strengtheners that assist in preventing  & healing injury, maintaining health and living life fully emPOWERed.  
Depending on the desires of the client we can also dive more deeply into overall health and wellness to include eating wholesome foods, learning to detox the body, and creating lasting self-care routines.

Clients refer to me as their Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor,  Yoga Teacher, Body Therapist, Health Coach, Life Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Personal Cheerleader, Empathetic Listener, and Modern Mystic!
I feel so very blessed that this is my life's work and that I get to constantly learn and grow in more discovery!

Areas of Expertise:
Muscular / Structural Imbalances
Pain and Injury Recovery
Balance of Strength & Flexibility
Pelvic Floor Strength
Core Strength
Balance Improvement
Spinal Health
Neck Pain
Shoulder, Hip, and Knee Injuries
Myofascial Pain

My current clients include people working with Obesity, Eating Disorder Recovery, Incontinence, Prolapsed Uterus, Infertility, Hip Replacement, Cancer Recovery, Hysterectomy and C-Section Recovery, Back, Neck, Knee and Shoulder Pain, Fibromyalgia and Lupus . . . along with 
Inner JOY, PEACE, and Self/Divine LOVE!
No two sessions are the same and always build upon each other.  You will leave feeling inspired, refreshed, and far more emPOWERed than when you arrived.  

If Interested in Learning More . . . 

Call or email today! 

Together we'll laser focus on your next step towards the health you desire and develop a plan of action to get you there!


"It has been my great pleasure to have been a client of Shae's for over a year.  She is an exceptional person and talented teacher.  I have experienced healing and improvement physically, mentally, and spiritually through my work with Shae.  After this year with Shae, I am feeling better, moving better, have less pain, more energy, and am happier than I have been in years.  Since a serious car wreck 43 years ago, I have been engaged in many activities to stay active and healthy.  This is the most progress that I have ever made in one year and it is because of this marvelous teacher, Shae Bryant.  
Shae's wide range of knowledge and training, her abilities to listen and observe her client's particular needs, her sensitivity in creating a client's personal program, her spiritual connectedness, her great joy for life and a loving sense of humor, all combine to make her the exceptional teacher that she is.  I always look forward to my sessions with Shae and give her my highest recommendations.  What a gift she has been and is to my life!"
~Maxine Gaither, Tennessee~


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