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Pilgrim Within
A 7 Month Pilgrimage Into the Holy of the Holies Within

~Deepen your Connection to the Holiness Within You and Around

~Uncover and Commit to Your Personal Spiritual Practices that Support You Living Your Best Life  

~Nourish Your Connection to Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit at Deeper Levels than Ever Before

~Heal Your Inner Paradigm and Heal the World in the Process

Led by Spiritual Pilgrim & Teacher, Shae Bryant

Accepting Applicants thru May 26th, 2019

Experience a Spiritual Pilgrimage like no other . . . 
one that requires you to leave nothing behind except your old paradigms . . . 
one that nourishes your connection with yourself so much you’ll never be able to fully disconnect ever again.  
Let’s journey together to the Holy of the Holies within YOU.  
Are you ready to heal yourself?
This is a Pilgrimage to Wholeness - 
Union between Seeker and that that you are Seeking.

You are the One you have been waiting for.  
Allow me to support your Awakening to the 

Divinity Within You and Around You.

Pilgrim Within is a 7 Month Virtual Pilgrimage
Led by Spiritual Pilgrim & Priestess, Shae Bryant

We begin our Inner Journey with a Private 30 minute Pre-Pilgrimage Planning Call to personally design your Sacred Spiritual journey together, consciously.

We meet for GROUP Ceremony & Class Online via Video Call:
 Every 1st of the Month - 7X
Every Full Moon - 7X
Most New Moons 
Equinox / Solstice - 3X 
and High Holy Days / Holy Corridors
~22 LIVE Calls Total~

You will receive a Virtual “Pilgrim Packet’ by the 1st of the Month, every month, to guide you along your 7 month journey.  It will include a calendar of dates/ceremonies to guide your journey as well as powerful handouts and videos for you to drastically deepen your Connection to Source and to Self. 

To support your journey you will receive Weekly Text Reminders and Inspirational Memes as well as have access to a Private Facebook Group just for fellow Pilgrims.

You will also receive multiple Bonus ‘Pilgrim Products’ such as your 
New Moon / Full Moon Ritual Kits 
to help you cultivate your own spiritual practice at home during our time 
together and afterwards.

We will wrap up your Personal Pilgrimage with another 30 minute Private Phone Call to digest your journey as well as plant the seeds for your next evolution of spiritual transformation and healing.

Come, come, whoever you are. 
Wanderer, Worshiper, Lover of Leaving. 
It doesn't matter. 
Ours is not a caravan of despair;
Ours is a Caravan of Endless Joy!
So come, come yet again.
Even if you’ve broken your vows a thousand times, 
Come, come again! 

If you know the feeling of having broken your vows to yourself a thousand times, then this pilgrimage is for you!  

If you crave to heal and thrive at a level unheard of in your circle and family but you know deep inside that more is available out of life,
 then this journey is for you.

If you have been a spiritual seeker for a while but you’ve come to a level of up-leveling that you’re intimidated (but ready) to make, 
then this program is definitely for you!

The time to rise is now.
You are Worthy of Immense Joy and Connection Dear One.

Let me remind you of that Worthiness, 
that Joyfulness, and that Purpose that you carry Within You at All Times!

After this journey you could have a completely different 
relationship with Yourself, with Life itself, 
and with your identity as a Divine Vessel 
~ this is the Greatest Pilgrimage you could ever take ~ 
the Journey Within.

What would 7 months of Loving Yourself more fully look like?

Who would you be on the other side of that journey?

What if you spent conscious time on a regular basis with your Heart and Soul, giving yourself the love you’ve always needed?

Would that change your perspective, behavior, choices, and maybe, well, EVERYTHING in your life??

And who else in your life would be positively influenced if you transformed 
your relationship with yourself and the Divine Within?

Because, you see, this is a Journey of Love.
This is a Pilgrimage Within to learn to Source from Source.
And this is a commitment to step up our game of Self Love 
so that we can actually be an 
Example of the Love we wish to see in this world.

By our Brave Acts of Self Healing andLearning to Love at a Divine Level, we truly heal the world.   
We Become the Love the world needs.  
We Become the Love we need.

But to do any of it . . . we must,

Pilgrim Within!

Pilgrimage Applicants Accepted  
    Until May 26th, 2019

Our Sacred Schedule:
Private PRE-Pilgrimage Calls:  Scheduled Between May 20th -June 20th

Sat. June 1st - First of Month OPENING CLASS & CEREMONY
Mon. June 3rd - New Moon CLASS
Mon. June 17th - Full Moon CEREMONY

Sun. July 1st - First of Month CLASS
Tues. July 16th - Full Moon & Eclipse CEREMONY

Thur. August 1st - First of Month CEREMONY 
Thur. August 15th - Full Moon CEREMONY

Sun. September 1st - First of Month CLASS
Sat. September 14th - Full Moon CEREMONY
Sun. September 22nd - EQUINOX CEREMONY
Sat. September 28th New Moon CLASS

Tues. October 1st - First of Month CEREMONY
Sun. October 13th - Full Moon CEREMONY
Sun. October 27th - New Moon CLASS

Fri. November 1st - First of Month CLASS
Tues. November 12th  - Full Moon CEREMONY
Tues. November 20th - New Moon CLASS

Sun. December 1st - First of Month CLASS
Thurs. December 12th - Full Moon CEREMONY
Sat. December 21st - SOLSTICE CEREMONY

Tues. December 31st - CLOSING CEREMONY

Private POST-Pilgrimage Calls: Scheduled Between December 2nd - 31st

All calls will be online or on your phone via Zoom.
Attendance to calls is not required, but always celebrated and appreciated!
All calls will be recorded so that you can access them at any time, forever.

How much is your spiritual Healing worth to you?

How good are you willing to allow yourself to feel?

How much do you value and honor the purpose of your life?

How much do you desire Joy, Peace, and Divine Love?

Sacred Self Investment$1111   
                  Monthly Payment Plans Available as low as $167 a month

~2, Private 30 minute Pre & Post Pilgrimage Phone Calls

~22 Live, Virtual Classes & Ceremonies with Shae

~A ‘Pilgrimage Planner’ to custom design your journey

~A Monthly Virtual 
 ‘Pilgrimage Packet’ to deeply support your Transformation the entire journey and for life

~Bonus ‘Pilgrim Products’ such as the ‘New Moon Ritual Kit’ 

~Weekly Inspiration Text Reminders

~Private Facebook Group

Drastically amplify your experience by adding additional private coaching calls with Shae:

Platinum Pilgrimage:   $2222
   +7, 60 minute Private Phone Calls

Priceless Pilgrimage:  $3333
   +14, 60 minute Private Phone Calls

The journey of a lifetime awaits you.
The only requirement is a deep willingness to look within.
I am ready to support your healing transformation.

The Temple doors are open.  
You are invited to walk through them.

For more information and to register:
Call Shae at 615-450-1882

Or Email:

First Name:
Last Name:
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