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My personal philosophy is “Love YourSelf, Love Life!”

Shae Bryant is an enthusiastic Body, Mind, and Spirit Wellness Coach who works with groups and private clients to achieve a Lifestyle of Wellness - integrating physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health into daily living.  
Currently based in the Murfreesboro area of Tennessee (USA), she considers herself a citizen of the world - traveling to learn from and work with clients worldwide.  
She is blessed to spend her days assisting others toward optimal health and wholeness - 
while laughing and loving her way through it all!  
Her favorite healing modalities include Yoga, the Pilates Method, Therapeutic Massage, Meditation, Eating Whole Foods and Living Limitless Joy!

My Education, My Inspiration, My Appreciation .  .  .
My career path, my spiritual path, my hobbies and all my schooling have merged into one existence for me.  When I teach, I speak from a life of experience. 
I literally 'grew up on a stage,' acting, singing and dancing my way through childhood.  I am a performer at heart and am continuing to create and perform new choreography with different influences.  Dance, movement, and creative, artistic expression continue to be a passion, and greatly influence me in my teaching.  
Pre-professional ballet training with the Nashville Ballet and the Louisville Ballet, along with periodic trips to NYC, instilled a love of movement and expression in me.  It also sparked a life-long interest in body mechanics and therapeutic recovery from injury, for both myself and others.  One of the things I had to recover from was a severe eating disorder of Anorexia and Bulimia.  This highly influences how I work with clients and students.  I teach love, self-care and respect through exercise, along with witnessing the thoughts we have about our bodies.  We have so much power!  We have the power to hurt ourselves or to heal ourselves through the way we think.  
A strong academic/intellectual drive, however, landed me in college (instead of professional dance) and I attended the University of Louisville for 4 years completing a dual degree in Philosophy and Political Science, Magna Cum Laude. 
While in college, I began dancing again, this time Spanish Flamenco, but became more intrigued with the Pilates exercises we were doing before class to prepare.  After healing an old back injury (from falling off my horse) I completed a 2 year apprenticeship and became fully certified in Pilates Matwork and Apparatus.  Pilates completely changed the way I viewed my own body and enabled me to heal myself through intelligent, healthful exercise.  I have been teaching Pilates full time to private clients and in group classes for over 12 years and own a Reformer/Cadillac combo machine, a Wunda Chair, and both a Ladder and Arc Barrel. 
After becoming a full-time Pilates instructor, a yoga studio hired me to teach Pilates and I decided to try an Ashtanga yoga class they offered.  By the end of that yoga practice, I knew I had found my own personal spiritual path (spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, all wrapped up into one)  . . . YOGA!  Within that year I would travel to India (the first of 5 trips so far) to Mysore and Goa to study Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga under Pattabhi & Sharath Jois.  During the summer of 2010 I was honored to attend the Level 1 Authorization Training conducted by Sharath, where I was Authorized to teach the Complete Primary Series.  My love of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is sincere in feeling personally it's healing effects  . . . and my love of yoga philosophy, Sanskrit, and the therapeutic application of yoga asana, beyond and within Ashtanga vinyasa yoga was further inspired by the quality teacher training of Laura Spaulding, Yoga East (Louisville, KY).  Under 5 years of her expert instruction, I received a daily yoga teacher training that continues to inspire and impress me. 
Through dance, college, pilates and yoga I discovered a passion I possess for anatomy and body mechanics.  Anatomy-based, intelligent movement is what actually led me to attend Advanced Massage Therapeutics to further my studies of Therapeutic Massage over 3 years.  I became a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Kentucky and now use my ability to 'feel' what muscles the client is activating, or not activating.  I use responsible, intelligent touch to assist my students in adjustments with postures, and also teach therapeutic self-massage techniques in order to promote better body mechanics. 
My Creation, My Business .  . .  
"Dream no Small Dream." Victor Hugo
It's been 15 years since I took my first Pilates class and 17 years since I first began practicing yoga.  My life has been filled with incredible opportunities all over this world, enlightened spiritual guides, friends and partners, heart-wrenching obstacles, and above all and in all moments . . . a connection with the divine. 
So . . . after living in 3 states (Kentucky, Tennessee, and Hawaii) and 3 countries (US, Mexico, India), 1000's of hours of training in the United States and abroad (yoga, pilates, massage), practicing different systems personally and intensely over years of  my life (ballet, Pilates, Ashtanga yoga), teaching over 5,000 group classes and workshops in many wellness subjects, and working privately with 100's of clients worldwide to find their wellness within . . . I am excited and very thankful to continue living my dream.

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