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Shae's One-On-One Therapeutic Services

My current offerings are a result of over 20 years of study and exploration, both personally and professionally.  I offer a variety of services in order to best support my clients and their own individual journeys. No two people have the same challenges, nor will they require the same path of healing.  The best way to determine which service is right for you is to start off with a free phone call to discuss your situation and goals.  

-In-Person or Phone/Skype-
One on One Options:

PRESENCE PILATES - Shae's Personal style of Therapeutic Pilates, cultivated over 15 years of working with thousands of clients worldwide. 
Heal your body through intelligent, core-based movement that focuses on correcting physical imbalances, creating an incredibly strong core, as well as stretching and opening the areas of tightness that are causing restriction.  Pilates is a great match for injury recovery and prevention, reducing joint and back/neck pain, as well as for athletes who are wanting to cross train.   

Single 1 Hour Session: $85  ($75 after completing course)

Presence thru Pilates COURSE:  $2000 ($500 a month)
       This 4 month course is all things Pilates, the matwork, the machines, the breathing, the fundamentals . . . all in depth and personalized!  The course consists of 12, 2 hour private sessions as well as a book and Shae created coursework to really deepen your study.  Upon completion you will have a fantastic understanding of the Pilates Method, a longer, stronger body, as well as your own home Pilates practice for life!    

Shae's BODY THERAPY- Shae's very own creation of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual therapy that is ideal for those experiencing frustrating pain, injury, disease, and weakness.  Sessions are a personalized combination of Pilates, Yoga, meditation, mindset, breathing, massage, and releasing - it is everything you wish you'd received in physical therapy but did not.  

Single 90 Minute Session: $125 ($110 after completing course)

EnLightened Exercise COURSE: $2000 ($500 a month)
         This 4 month course is all about you, and can literally include every subject in your life - the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  We are complex beings and in order to heal and thrive we must nurture every aspect of ourselves.  Physically you will learn  healthy body mechanics of movement, all the stretches/ strengtheners / and massage techniques that you need to to stay pain free, as well as the nourishment (diet) and cleansing (detox) protocols that best match you.  Mentally / Emotionally / and Spiritually we will examine the mindsets that support illness as well as the mindsets and lifestyle choices that support wellness.  Learn all about meditation, breathing, relaxation, self-massage, consciousness and staying inspired long-term.  This program includes it all, body therapy, creation of home programs, eating for nourishment, supporting ourselves in releasing and detoxing, as well as learning to be in the present moment where we can fully flourish! Book and coursework included.

ASHTANGA VINYASA YOGA- Learn a classical style of yoga that creates amazing strength and flexibility, a calm mind, an open heart, and a thriving spirit! This ancient practice is best suited to those who crave an authentic self-practice, one that can deepen immensely over time, and can be practiced anywhere without props or special equipment.  This style is slowly memorized and includes breathing, meditation, chanting, mindfulness and ultimately some pretty amazing transformation!  Shae is one of the few in the world to have received Authorization to teach this style from the source in Mysore, India.  

Single 2 Hour Session: $170 ($150 after completing course)

Awakened Ashtanga COURSE: $2000 ($500 a month)
     This 4 month course will meet you where you are at in your yoga practice, whether you're a brand newbie or have already been practicing yoga for a while.  Under Shae's expert guidance you will accurately learn this style of yoga from the very beginning, including philosophy, lineage, the true purpose of yoga, as well as additional tools such as core-work, self-massage, and Ayurveda.  Course includes a book and Shae created coursework to support your journey.  

Shae's SPIRITUAL LIFE COACHING-  "The greatest gift I can offer a anyone is the chance to experience themselves as whole, healed, and filled with Love."  Within every service offered is the intention to guide people towards forgiveness over judgment, connection over competition, and health over dis-ease.  Shae is a certified Transformation Coach and has had a deeply rewarding spiritual practice for over 20 years.  Her expertise can greatly assist those who want to relinquish ego and conflict and who want to cultivate compassion and consciousness for themselves and the world.  

Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions can be 60min, 90min, or 2 hours.
Prices same as above.

Wellness is Within COURSE:  $2000 ($500 a month)
     This 4 month program, which includes a book and coursework, will alter your world paradigm and drastically upgrade your understanding of self and purpose.  Receive a custom-created spiritual program designed to heal your relationship with yourself and your role in the world.  Learn to access Source/Divine energy in any moment, during any situation, and witness the world around you transform.  Learn about Mind, Thought, Consciousness, and Ego and what the process of 'awakening' truly entails and offers.  Expect a giant increase in your joy factor!

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