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Sovereign SOUL
Transformative Spiritual Life Coaching

Sovereignty is your Spiritual Birthright.
Your Soul has been trying to tell you this your whole life.
And I am here as a guide to assist you in that Holy Reclamation!

We are in unprecedented times of revolution and transformation.
Sovereignty within one's Self and with one's Source is paramount.
In order to survive the winds of change we need to be embodied and in alignment with ourselves and what we know our 
spiritual truths to be.


My own Journey to Sovereignty has been long, arduous, 
and ultimately, stunningly joyful.  
My life's work is now to assist others in making their journey to sovereignty shorter than my own and far more blissful.  
We have the power to choose how we experience this life, but most of us (myself included) need assistance in seeing what we can't see, and sacred space to love what we don't love about ourselves.
Having a guide can drastically reduce the time needed to make the journey, as well as reduce the amount of suffering along the way.

What is Transformative Spiritual Life Coaching?
In brief . . . . 

it is Giving Oneself 
(one's smaller self, the personality & conditioning)

 Sacred Space
(judgment free & unconditional love) 

 with OneSelf 
(the Higher Self, the Soul, Spirit) 

in order to Shift One's Consciousness
(one's state of being)

The most powerful 'technique' I can ever 'teach' you is how to offer yourself loving sacred space while you explore something within yourself.  Very few of us have adequate skills in processing our emotions healthfully or fully.

Through the decades of holding sacred space for others and then finally understanding how to truly do so for myself, I can offer you the same transformative experience.
I can assist you in experiencing that much needed 
Medicine of the Heart that can only be heard when we can go 
within ourselves with loving-kindness.
But during these times we are in, and because of the 
insanity of humanity for generations, 
our disconnection is now at the level of disease.
But even now, even in this, I can help you connect, 
perhaps more then ever.

Connect to Self.
Connect to Source.
Reclaim Your Sovereignty! 


We begin simply with a FREE phone coaching session where we dive right in!  From this call we will know if this is the right medicine for you.  If it's not I can offer you additional directions and resources.  

Serious inquires only please - I only work with people who are finally ready to end their suffering and 
Step into Sovereignty!

To schedule with Shae please Call or Email
(615) 450-1882
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