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An incredible woman, Kara Kemp, 
shares her experience of working with me:

Marvelous client, and Physical Therapist, Margrey Thompson, explains in detail how our work together has assisted her:  

A beautiful soul and exceptional client, Maxine Gaither, explains ways that she has enjoyed our work together:

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"Shae is the most knowledgeable health coach I have encountered in my many years of body work experience. Her understanding of anatomy is comparable to or exceeds many medical professionals. Shae is gentle and affirming and has a wisdom well beyond her years. 
I recommend her without reservation to anyone seeking to improve or enhance personal self-care."    ~Leslee D, PhD

Shae Bryant is the best yoga teacher I have ever worked with. She makes the often-intimidating Ashtanga yoga practice accessible to all bodies and all ages. She teaches with skill, compassion, grace and humor, and has inspired me to take my practice to a level I never would reached on my own. 
                                                      Highly recommended.

"It has been my great pleasure to have been a client of Shae's for over a year.  She is an exceptional person and talented teacher.  I have experienced healing and improvement physically, mentally, and spiritually through my work with Shae.  After this year with Shae, I am feeling better, moving better, have less pain, more energy, and am happier than I have been in years.  Since a serious car wreck 43 years ago, I have been engaged in many activities to stay active and healthy.  This is the most progress that I have ever made in one year and it is because of this marvelous teacher, Shae Bryant.  
Shae's wide range of knowledge and training, her abilities to listen and observe her client's particular needs, her sensitivity in creating a client's personal program, her spiritual connectedness, her great joy for life and a loving sense of humor, all combine to make her the exceptional teacher that she is.  I always look forward to my sessions with Shae and give her my highest recommendations.  
What a gift she has been and is to my life!"
~Maxine Gaither - Murfreesboro, Tennessee~

"It only took one yoga class with Shae to get hooked on her unique style and flare.  Shae is not just another fitness guru; her approach is holistic, intelligent, and individualized.  I am always amazed with how much I take away from each session.  Shae's vibrant, joyful attitude is contagious and I find myself renewed and revitalized after working with her.  
As a nurse I spend much of my time caring for others, and my sessions with Shae allow me to take care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally.  
Shae is a gem and working with her is truly a gift."  
~Caitlin Weller, Licensed Nurse~

I am having serious health and emotional issues, and have been out of work for quite some time. A friend referred me to Shae for some guidance. Her advice was profound and invaluable. It gave me immediate relief, because I knew right away she was truly concerned for me even though I am a total stranger to her. The thirty-minutes we spent on the phone was the most beneficial "help" I've gotten in many years.
Shae is incredibly warm, understanding, and knowledgable. Our brief conversation has helped me everyday since we spoke. She breaks through the surface [or symptoms] of your issues and finds the deeper root problem. I sincerely hope I can be a full-time client in the near future, as her wise yet simple advice has improved my state of mind immeasurably. 
~Leigh Calvert, Kentucky~

"I have been fortunate to work with Shae for almost a year.  She constantly amazes me at the scope of knowledge she has with regard to the human body.  Working with Shae this past year, I have gained a tremendous amount of upper body strength and core stability - something I had none of before.  Shae knows just how to tailor a session to meet the changes we all go through during a day, week, etc.  I always look forward to my sessions with Shae, and I look forward to continuing my work with her."
~Diana Dees~

"At 55 staying active can be a challenge . . . Shae has given me the tools along with her guidance to continue my fitness journey.  The reformer is my new best friend!  I am excited to go every time and leave feeling totally renewed :) "
~Mary White~

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