Shae Bryant Wellness - Wellness as a Way of Life!

Howdy Fellow Life Lover!  
You are in luck!  

I AM currently accepting new clients 
to study with me for the 
Spring Semester of January - May of 2019!

Are you wanting to drastically improve your physical or spiritual fitness in 2019?

Ready to up-level your life and gain the tools you need to reach your life goals?

Interested in deeply studying the Pilates Method or Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with a master teacher?

Or are you needing assistance in healing your body, mind, heart, spirit through movement therapy and you don't really care what it's called, just that it works!?!

Then let's have a quick phone chat!

(615) 450-1882

In a simple, no pressure call I listen to your goals/challenges and then explain how we might work together to create your transformation - whether that's in-person or virtually.
I offer custom created programs that match your personal goals and budget.

To schedule with Shae please Call or Email: 
(615) 450-1882
First Name:
Last Name:
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