Shae Bryant Wellness - Wellness as a Way of Life!
Work with Shae

I AM currently accepting NEW Private 
Transformative Coaching & Pilates Clients, both in-person and virtual!

Are you wanting to drastically improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness?

Ready to up-level your consciousness and gain the tools you need to live the joy-filled life you desire?

And are you needing assistance in healing your body, mind, heart, spirit and you don't really care what it's called,
 just that it works!?!

Then let's have a quick phone chat!

(615) 450-1882

In a simple, no pressure call, we will create sacred space together where we can deeply listen to your goals and challenges.  If it feels that we are an ideal match to work together then I can explain the options you have to choose from in working with me.
Please note that I ONLY accept clients who are HIGHLY WILLING & READY TO DO THE WORK!
I assist people in radically transforming their world paradigm and sovereign standing within it.  Please only reach out if you are ready and willing for some major up-leveling ~ on all levels!!!

To schedule with Shae please Call or Email: 
(615) 450-1882
First Name:
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