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Be Your Own Alchemist

I am a modern day Alchemist
. . . transforming energy within for any purpose I choose . . . but it took a while to gain this skill (and I'm not done learning it).

Life is Energy!  Life is Shakti (power)! 
And we are energy
- our bodies, thoughts, emotions and life-Spirit -
everything about us is energy.

In the classical 8-Limb path of yoga (as outlined by Patanjali a couple thousand years ago) there is a practice that can assist us in moderating our energy . . .

Brahmacharya - Energy Moderation

The practice of Brahmacharya means bringing Conscious Awareness into how we spend our time . . .
what activities we choose to do with our limited time and energy. . . and who we choose to experience them with. 

This has dramatic results!

With Conscious Awareness of our choices, we begin to acknowledge and honor our freedom to choose and also accept the responsibility for our choices. 
We actually take back our Power! 
Or perhaps finally claim it for the first time!  

You have the Power to choose what you think!
You have the Power to choose how you speak!
You have the Power to choose the emotional energy you carry!
You have the Power to choose what goes into and out of your body!

All the choices are yours!
All the Power is yours!

So, back to that Alchemy part .  .  .
Brahmacharyais about moderating energy, making conscious choices about what we want in life and how we take on the responsibility of manifesting what we want.  If I want to lose weight, for example, I must take responsibility for changing my actions in order to receive that result.  If I want to sleep better in order to have more energy in the morning, I must make the changes necessary to ensure that happens. 
I am not a victim of myself.  I am not a victim of life.  I am not a victim. 

Now I enjoy taking this awesomeness one step further . . .
true alchemy happens when any energy I can find within myself . . . perhaps even anger . . . becomes simply raw energy with which I can transform into another form.  I harness energy within and channel it into energy expressions I consciously choose.  I feel anger (old habits - samskaras) . . . I choose love (conscious awareness).  I then accept the responsibility to change my thoughts to loving thoughts . . . which drastically changes my emotions to loving emotions . . . which supports me in expressing loving actions towards myself and others! 
Yippee!  Energy Alchemy!

emPOWER & enJOY,


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