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Unfold Your Own Myth

~Unfold Your Own Myth~

The season of Fall is obviously a time of change.  You can smell it . . . you can see it . . . you become IT

I decided to welcome this season of change by trying some new activities that my heart and soul have been mentioning to me for a while now . . . Ballroom Dancing & Martial Arts!  Yes, I am a Dancing Ninja!!!

Notice the hidden treasures where your feet are planted.  Water your soul by listening to your heart's whispers.  Embrace the Joy of Now!

Welcome the Change!  Unfold Your Self!

The Expert on You

Who Am I?
            What Do I Want?
                        Why Am I Here?

The most important questions in life . . . and only you can answer them.  There is no right and there is no wrong - there only IS. 

There is only one YOU and that's such good news.  There's no expert out there in this world who can answer these questions for you.  There's no one on earth who knows more about you than you.
YOU are the expert on YOU.

~Look Within - and Simply Be~

"Knock on the inner door.     No other."  -Rumi

Blessed Bridges

Bridges in Tennessee"Blessed Bridges"

A bridge is a wonderful metaphor for the growth and change we experience in life.  Often we focus on the destination - the getting to the other side, as if we will become a 'better' person once we arrive.  But it is actually within the crossing - within our awareness of the experience of crossing - that we truly become alive, alive to the very moment - the Now.  

I am grateful for the bridges in my life.  The ones I have crossed, the ones I have burned, the ones I have built and the ones I have yet to find myself upon.  I am grateful for this crossing - this bridge of experience - the ultimate recognition that that which I am seeking does not wait for me on the other side - but exists within my every aware step. 

"What is grace?"  I asked God.

And He said,

"All that happens."

(St John of the Cross)



"Love Yourself, Love Life!

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