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Less Is More

Less Is More . . .
What a Liberating Realization!

"Less Is More"is a phrase I frequently use with my clients. 
So often it is less effort, less pushing, less 'fixing' that needs to happen.  Frequently the answer is within more allowing, more being and more awareness.   

And yet so much of the time we feel a constant underlying anxiety of "Not Enough" . . . either we don't have enough or we think that we are not enough (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc)
. . . either way we feel a lack in some capacity.

In studying Patanjali's Classical Yoga I find it helpful to lump two of the Yamas (Moral Restraints) together because they both seem to stem from this anxiety of lack:

Asteya - Non-Stealing
Aparigraha - Non-Hoarding

On the surface level it seems easy to categorize these two practices.  Okay, don't steal from others and don't hoard things.  Moving on . . .

But I have found from further exploration that by following these two behaviors to their root, that within myself I feel a hollow lacking, a feeling of unworthiness . . . of simply not being enough.  And from this feeling of desperation and longing to be whole, one might be inclined to hoard or to steal, or to do many unhealthy behaviors (we each have our own personal list). 

If one believes that the Universe has a limited amount of something - money, love, food, i-pads, you name it - then one's anxiety level increases.  If one believes in unlimited abundance and that all you desperately seek can be found from an inexhaustible Source Within, then your anxiety level
GREATLY reduces!

What you seek is Within. 
Unlimited Joy!  Unlimited Abundance!  Unlimited Peace! 

Joy ~ Peace ~ Love . . . these are States of Being

Look Within . . . YOU ARE ENOUGH!

With great love,


Yoga Is Awareness

Yoga is Awareness  . . .
~This is one of my favorite definitions of yoga.~ 

Yoga is not a posture . . . Yoga is your awareness within the posture. 

Yoga is awareness of what is really happening
within yourself and around yourself . . .
whether your 'posture' is Tree Pose (Vrksasana)
or the defensive 'posture' you might take in defending your opinion
(or more likely defending your ego (Ahamkara)) when dealing with others.

So as we continue the journey along Patanjali's 8-Limb Path of Classical Yoga, we can use our tool of awareness in assisting us to practice . . .

SATYA - Truthfulness    

I know in my own life practice I have repeatedly discovered that without awareness I am simply clueless to what is 'honestly' going on inside myself.
  In fact, without awareness I might even be confusing what's going on inside myself with what is happening around me . . .
projecting my own thoughts, fear and labels onto others! 

Although I have been living as Shae for 33 years, I find the most challenge in honestly discovering what's happening inside myself . . .
and then processing my discoveries without criticism or judgment . . . which is the practice of non-violence towards myself (Ahimsa)!  

So within the practice of yoga postures (Asana) we are invited to cultivate our awareness skills and discover what we're really doing with ourselves and to ourselves.  Am I pushing too hard in a posture? Am I not pushing enough?  Am I overstretching . . . under-activating?
And am I criticizing myself and comparing myself to others as I practice? 

With our awareness we can practice truthfulness (Satya). 
With truthfulness we can practice non-harming (Ahimsa).
When we are aware, we are practicing yoga.
And awareness . . . Conscious Awareness . . . is who we Truly Are.

Awareness Is Yoga

Awareness Is YOU!!

Journey Into Yourself

RUMI ~ "And you? When will you begin your long journey into yourself?"
I begin today!  And everyday . . . with myself first!  Wellness within and worldwide . . . means that my intention for a better world, a better experience, a better feeling inside . . . all begins with myself first!
I am excited for the newness of Spring coming . . . for the greatness of this year . . . and this long journey inside myself, that I walk daily . . . accompanied on my journey with such incredible beings  . . . THANK YOU!

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