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Decide to Believe in Yourself

What do you dream of doing?

Where would you like to go?

Who would you like to be?

Give yourself permission to fulfill those dreams.

Allow yourself to envision being the you that you imagine, living the life that you imagine.

And then remind yourself of the power you already have to help shape that reality.  

You can fulfill and enjoy so many of your inner dreams if only you believe that it's possible.  And the very fact that you have those dreams inside makes it possible!

You are far more powerful than you know!

For me, the choices I make in the quality of my thoughts drastically changes my outer reality.  
 I CHOOSE to believe that the things I want in myself and in my life situation are possible.

Remember:  Those dreams you have inside . . . you have the power to make them a reality!

Decide to Believe in Yourself!

Say Yes to Yourself

Every time I say YES to something that's unimportant to myself,  
I'm also saying NO to something that ISimportant to myself!

So it's imperative that I'm consistently checking in and consciously asking. . ."Is this action, or use of my time, in alignment with the life I want (or the body I want, or the dreams I have, or the health I seek, etc)?"   

Obviously there's going to be many things that I must do that I'd rather not be doing throughout my day, but the MAJORITY OF MY DAY IS MINE!  My thoughts are mine, my words are mine to choose, and both my thoughts and speech lay the foundation of my actions and behavior. 

And it's those little daily decisions that shape my future.  What I decide to do today creates my tomorrow.  And my thoughts greatly influence what I decide to do.  The power is truly mine to decide who I want to be!

Decide to sayYES TO YOURSELF!    

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